Research Topics

The researches of the Water Environment Engineering stand fundamentally on Environmental Hydrology and Environmental Hydraulics that are related with the analysis, prediction and control of the water environment in agricultural areas.

Ongoing research topics are 1) Sustainable water environment conservation and management in agricultural and rural area by environmental hydraulic, water quality engineering and environmental hydrology, 2) Mathematical modeling for predicting and estimating water environment dynamics based on data mining method such as AI, 3) Development of technology for water quality improvement, 4) Quantification of flood mitigation function and prediction of flood runoff in flat low-lying agricultural areas.

The researches of the Water Environment Engineering are conducted by using the hydraulic experiments and the numerical simulations incorporated with the latest numerical technique such as Fuzzy Theory, Artificial Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm, Wavelet Transformation and the tools obtained in Chaos Engineering.

Numerical simulation of salinity diffusion in the Ariake Sea

Numerical simulation of water quality dynamics using ecosysytem models

Water quality improvement technique using LED light emission

Numerical optimization of configuration of Nori (seaweed) aquafarming ground